DJ Khaled’s “I’m The One” Song Review

I was going to post this on the weekend, but my current weekend plans are very busy, so I decided to release this today.  You don’t have to thank me in advance.

So, DJ Khaled is releasing a new album soon, so he has been releasing singles for it to get it hyped, because god knows it is not going to sell because of his rapping or producing skills.  He is pretty much famous at this point for being a meme.  An annoying meme, but a meme nonetheless.  However, I listened to his “Major Key” project last year and was surprised to find some good songs on it.  “Nas Album Done”, “Don’t Ever Play Yourself”, and “I Got The Keys” are actually pretty banging tracks.  So, I was mildly intrigued when he released this new song, “I’m The One“, not only because it was his first single in a couple of months, but because it featured Chance The Rapper, who is a rap artist I really enjoy.  His “Coloring Book” project was one of my favorite albums of last year.  Plus, this is the first DJ Khaled track to ever reach the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 (even though now it is at #3).  So, I decided to give this track a listen.

The track features Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper, and Lil Wayne, and it is about how they are “The One” for their respective girls, but they of course do it with a bombastic swagger that most mainstream rap songs have nowadays.  The first part is Justin’s, who sings the Chorus and Pre-Chorus for the song:

Yeah, you’re lookin’ at the truth
The money never lie, no
I’m the one, yeah, I’m the one

Wait, I thought this was supposed to be about how he is the one for his girl.  This doesn’t sound like he’s talking to her.  It just sounds like a basic brag rap lyric.

Early mornin’ in the Dawn
Know you wanna ride now (let’s ride, let’s ride!)
I’m the one, yeah, I’m the one, yeah
And you sick of all those other imitators
Don’t let the only real one intimidate ya

OK, this is a bit more on topic.  He’s talking about here how he wants to ride with her, either in a literal or metaphorical sense (if you know what I mean) and saying how he is not like those who try to be cool, but he actually IS real.  Well, let me take that back.  He is SAYING he is real, but I’m not going to confirm that.

So, after a mildly repetitive chorus, we get to Quavo’s verse.

I’m the one that hit that same spot (hit it)
She the one that bring them rain drops (rain drops)

Oh, so we’re just going to go right into the sex metaphors, huh?  No exposition or anything like that.  Honestly, since he is the main member of Migos, I don’t think I expected more from him.

We go back, remember criss-cross and hopscotch? (hopscotch)
You the one that hold me down when the block’s hot (hot)
I make your dreams come true when you wake up (dream)

Now he gets a lot better.  He is talking about how far back they go as a couple, presumably since they were kids (unless Quavo and his girl still like to play hopscotch when they’re not trapping in the hood).  She helps him when times get tough and he helps were with her dreams, whatever those may be.

And your look’s just the same without no make-up
Had to pull up on your mama, see what you’re made of (mama)

The no makeup part is a really nice sentiment, but don’t be a creeper, Quavo.  You don’t try to make sexual advances with your girlfriend’s mom.  That’s only a thing Barney from “How I Met Your Mother” would do.

Modern day Bonnie and Clyde what they named us (Clyde)
‘Cause when we pull up — brt-brt! — all angles

This is kind of nice, too.  Not only is he comparing him and his lover to a couple that went down with each other to the very end, but also uses the infamous couple’s death to show they fame by presumably replacing the guns from “all angles” with paparazzi cameras.  Wow, that sounded a lot less morbid in my head.

So, at the end of Quavo’s verse, Justin does another chorus and Chance takes on the second verse.

Uh, she beat her face up with that new Chanel
She like the price, she see the ice, it make her coochie melt
When I met her in the club I asked her who she felt
Then she went and put that booty on that Gucci belt

First of all, as a professional rapper, Chance, please EVER use the word coochie again.  It’s like calling a penis a pee-wee.  I’m not going to make a girl attracted to me by talking about coochies.  Concerning this whole first part in general, however, if this is the way you two met, that is kind of sad.  Isn’t this supposed to be a song about you being the one for her?  I mean, I guess it works in this scenario, but Quavo was painting a much better picture of that than you.  But, this is just the start of the verse.  I should not be so quick to judge.

She say she want bottles, she ain’t got no table
She don’t got no bed frame, she don’t got no tables
We just watchin’ Netflix, she ain’t got no cable, okay though

Chance, it’s not sounding so much like you are the one for this girl, but you are the one WITH MONEY for this girl.  This is supposed to be a shallow, upbeat summer jam about you and your girl, but you’re trying to make your beat all conscious about golddiggers.

Also, I’d take a take a break and talk about that for a minute.  Since when in rap did having golddiggers as girlfriends become a good thing.  I remember in Kanye West’s song “Golddigger” and N.W.A.’s “I Ain’t Tha 1” how they portrayed golddiggers for what they are: self-obsessed women who only go after guys for their money.  Now, rappers seem to glorify dating golddiggers.  I remember listening to a Gucci Mane verse where he talked of giving a girlfriend of his TWO MILLION DOLLARS just to stay with him.  This was just for the song, of course, but you’ve got to be kidding me with this?  I’m just wondering how we got from Point A to Point B.

But, I digress.  Let’s just move on to Lil Wayne’s verse.

Lookin’ for the one?
Well, bitch, you’re lookin’ at the one
I’m the best yet, and yet my best is yet to come

OK, you’re not really talking you being there for the girl in a relationship, but most of the other verse here didn’t start off the best, either, so what else have you got in store?

‘Cause I’ve been lookin’ for somebody
Not just any fuckin’ body
Don’t make me catch a body
That’s for any and everybody

That’s a bit sweeter, I guess, telling your girl who you’d kill for her.  Not that bad of a sentiment, but all he did was rhyme “body” four times, so I’m not impressed.

Oh, my God! She hit me up all day, get no response
Bitch, you blow my high

Whoa, you know that this song is about LIKING your girl, right, not trying to tell her off ? You don’t seem to understand that concept.

She think we Clyde and Bonnie
But it’s more like Whitney and Bobby
God, forgive me! Tunechi F finessin’, I’m a legend
Straight up out the Crescent
Fly your bae down for the Essence

Firstly, comparing yourself to a couple infamous for being crack addicts INSTEAD of Bonnie and Clyde is probably not a good way to woo your girl.  Second, this song is about YOUR girl.  Why are you talking about having sex with the listener’s girl?

For the record I knew Khaled when that boy was spinnin’ records
Mula Gang, winnin’ record
I’m just flexin’ on my exes, oh God!

So I’m guessing that you just completely forgot what the song was supposed to be about and just started rapping anything.  I mean, when you’ve done as many songs as Lil Wayne has, going into random tangents is probably a normal occurrence.

So, Justin Bieber does another a chorus, an outro with a cringy Jamaican accent, and the song is over.  Thank god for that!  No, but this song is not the worst one I’ve heard from Khaled.  The beat is just right for a perfect summer hit and pretty catchy.  Bieber’s part, while somewhat vague, gets the general point across, and his voice flows over nice with the beat.  Quavo probably had the best verse on your song, and when Quavo has the best verse on your song, you know you messed up something.  Chance did a worse job than I thought, but I won’t blame that entirely on him.  He’s more a raw, conscious rapper, so of course he’s going to rap like that on any beat he gets onto.  Still, I feel that if they just got a pop rapper for his part, the song would be a bit better.  That would not save it, however, from the abomination that is Lil Wayne’s verse.  He’s just so old in the game at this point that he’s run out of things to rap, so he just slathers his voice in an excessive amount of autotune, rap whatever comes to his mind, and calls it a day.  Overall, I’d have to give this song a 2 out of 5.  Do you agree?

Thank you for reading my “I’m The One” song review.  If you liked this review, make sure to follow my website, like this post, and be sure to check in to read my future reviews.  Also, if you have something you want to see me review, tell me in the comments.  Until then, keep listening to good music!  I know I will.



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