Mick Jagger’s “England Lost (Remix)” Song Review

Hello, I'm Musicommentator, and I don't want to review a song by a newer artist this time around!  The last two posts I did were reviews of Selena Gomez's and Louis Tomlinson's new songs, and boy were they trash.  The one was so stereotypical that the lyrics could have been written by a Speak-And-Spell and … Continue reading Mick Jagger’s “England Lost (Remix)” Song Review

Selena Gomez “Fetish” Song Review

Hello, I'm MusiCommentator, and I did a small website redesign.  By that, I pretty much mean that I changed some colors and put some words in different spots.  Nothing special at all, really.  It's just more for efficiency.  Also, I just set up a new Twitter and Instagram accounts.  Check out my Instagram  @carter_sheehan_  and … Continue reading Selena Gomez “Fetish” Song Review

Louis Tomlinson’s “Back To You” Song Review

Hello, I'm MusiCommentator, and boy bands are a big thing!  That's an obvious statement, I know, but I do not think some people understand how big they are.  The ABC Network literally has a new show that is basically "The Voice" for boy bands.  Rumor has it that the night that show premiered, God abandoned Earth. … Continue reading Louis Tomlinson’s “Back To You” Song Review