The Wave of Terrible YouTube Disses

I was not planning to post another blog until Sunday, where I would do a review of the hit song “I’m The One” by DJ Khaled, but I felt that I should make a post about this.  I will still make that post on Sunday, but this is my blog, so I can post whenever I want.  What are you gonna do about it, huh?

So if you have been on YouTube at all within the past three weeks, you have probably heard of the song “It’s Everyday Bro” by Jake Paul and Team 10.  If you haven’t, you probably don’t use Youtube or go on the internet very much.  The song was released on May 30th of this year with a music video to go along with it, and if you look at the like-to-dislike ratio on the video, and can see that the internet has pretty strong opinions on it.  I’ll put a link below.

Jake Paul’s “It’s Everyday Bro” Music Video

So, if you don’t know, Jake Paul is a YouTuber/Disney Channel Star (which he will NOT let you forget about in this song) who, to put it bluntly, basically became famous off of his brother, Logan Paul, who became famous from Vine.  With those types of credentials, you could probably tell that Jake Paul is a sophisticated celebrity who does only what is good for the arts which he partakes in.  Because of his fame, Jake and Team 10, which is the people he hangs out with so he can have more fame, made a rap song.  Yes, a bunch of rich, white, spoiled YouTube kids made a rap song.  If you could not tell by my descriptions of the song, it is pretty awful.  If I were to do an actual review on it, which I’m not going to, it would get a very, VERY low score.

Now, it’s not like YouTubers have never made a rap songs before.  There are some really good, underground rappers who use YouTube as a platform to post their original music.  There are also famous Youtubers who decided to take a crack at their own rap songs, like RiceGum (that does not mean he’s good, though, for whenever he raps, he sounds like he’s gargling water).

What does this have to do with “It’s Everyday Bro”, though?  Well, this video took the internet BY STORM.  If you were on YouTube days after it came out, everyone was talking about it and putting their own two-sense into it.  There were an endless amount of videos roasting how terrible of a job they did at it.  Then, people started making their own diss tracks on it.  RiceGum, the one I mentioned earlier, decided to make “It’s Every Night Sis” (which is probably one of the worst and least creative titles in music history) to diss Jake Paul, even though RiceGum had nothing to do with it.  Dax, an actually good YouTube rapper, even made a diss on him, which is sad to see because someone of his rap talent should not have to stoop so low for views.

The worst offender of this endless dissing, however, is Logan Paul, Jake’s brother.  Logan said he did not like his brother’s song, so, like a whiny teen with a lot of money would do, Jake made a diss track against him.  Logan responded with his OWN diss track, which he purposely left a verse out of, and then they made two songs saying how they’re not dissing each other anymore.

Why am I complaining about this, though?  It doesn’t affect me.  I mean, it’s basically just blown-up high school drama.  Well, I’m slightly miffed about it because of how fake it all is.  Sure, Jake Paul probably just wanted to release a dumb rap song, but I bet it was purposely done so awfully.  If it was so terrible that people would diss it, tons of people would watch it to see how bad it actually was, inevitably getting him more money off the views the video is getting.  Then, the insufferable brothers each made diss tracks, getting them more money off the views.  Plus, the whole “Second Verse” thing on Logan’s track is so contrived and an obvious cash grab.  There are supposed leaks of the verse, but I don’t even think it actually exists.  It was probably set up so that they could get more views, since they each made a crap-ton of videos involving this ominous verse.  Saying that they are brothers, the whole thing could have been easily planned and they made a whole lot of cash out of it.

In the overall picture of music, though, this whole situation is slightly sickening.  Two spoiled white boys basically used bad music just to get money, showing how bad music can become more popular than good music.  It also shows that music is no longer an art, but a business.  The latter point if kind of obvious if you look at the majority of mainstream music, but this proves it.  They weren’t in it for the music, they were in it for the money.  I mean, Jake Paul flaunts around the fact that he made all of these terrible songs in one day each.  That just shows how little he actually cares for the music.  It is a little bit disturbing to think that a whole lot of music is made nowadays just for money.

However, that is not the case with every musician.  There are plenty of artists who do it for the sake of music, not the money.  I bet my life savings that artists like Adele, Kendrick Lamar, and Khalid (the R&B singer, not the DJ) make music because it is something they are good at and enjoy, not to get their next paycheck.

But, who am I to say this stuff.  Maybe my theories are wrong.  I’m not in the music industry, so I could just be a rambling conspiracy theorist right now.  Do YOU agree with these views?  Make sure to like this post and follow my blog, and be on the lookout for the review of DJ Khaled’s “I’m The One”, coming soon.




8 thoughts on “The Wave of Terrible YouTube Disses

  1. You bring up a very interesting topic, I wonder the same why it seems the artist with the least amount of passion seems to win but I guess that just the way the industry goes I guess, great post definitely has me thinking…

    Can’t wait for that review it’s gonna be a good one I know it

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  2. I’m on the internet and YouTube every day, and I had not heard this song nor seen the video. It all depends on our viewing history, and I’m not a big fan of pop, rap or hip hop so wouldn’t have seen it recommended in my feed. It’s pretty bad though, so I understand the huge number of dislikes.

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    1. I forgot to mention that I agree with you that the most annoying thing about this is that many talented musicians who make some really good music barely get noticed, while these spoiled white guys get millions of streams for crap. So unfair, and just goes to prove the stupidity of the masses.

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  3. Totally agree with everything you said here. However, there’s a part of me that almost (ALMOST) respects them a little bit. These Youtube and Vinestars are able to make so much money off of what they enjoy at such a young age, it’s kind of impossible not to respect that in a weird way. But what concerns the song – pure garbage.


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