How Do I Rate The Albums I Review?

Hello, I’m MusiCommentator, and I made a post VERY similar to this one a few hours before I started working on this, and since that one will have a much better intro I would suggest you check that one out here first.

As I rate my songs and albums with numerical values, I have a special meaning for each rating.  I went into more detail with my preceding post (*ahem* look in the previous paragraph), but I basically wanted to tell you all what I believed these numbers meant to me, especially now that I’ve reached over 100 followers.  Like I mentioned in the last post (*AHEM* you better go there first!) what these values really mean are based on my opinion, so you may see them differently if you read one of my album reviews.  While I go through this post, I will be sure to include which albums I have reviewed in the past that received these scores.  Alright, let’s get into this.

0: An insufferable album!  An album that receives this score has no redeemable qualities front to back and is a physically draining experience after it has been finished.  An album like this will usually be broken on core levels.  I strictly avoid albums like this!  (Examples on this site: none…yet)
1 or 1.5: An album that receives one of these scores has no redeemable qualities, but is not as fundamentally broken as a 0 would be.  That’s not to say it isn’t severely broken.  Every song on an album like this is terrible and most likely skippable.  These are also albums to avoid.  (Examples: Wendy’s “We Beefin?“)
2 or 2.5: An album that receives one of these scores might have a couple highlights on it and maybe even a redeemable quality here or there, but there is still a lot of garbage to wade through.  Most songs will be tiring to listen through and there will most likely be no tracks to return to in the end of it all.  (Examples: Sleeping With Sirens’s “Gossip“)
3 or 3.5: An album that receives one of these scores is not bad in every way, but there is still a lot wrong.  A whole lot wrong.  There will be a couple or even a few tracks to return to, but the album as a whole is not a fun experience.  It would not be as draining as a 0 or a 1, yet it sustains many flaws.  (Examples: I never dedicated a whole post on a 3/3.5 album, but I did talk about Fall Out Boy’s “M A N I A” in my “Fall Out Boy Albums Ranked” post, so you might be able to get a gist of what I mean if you look at what I had to say there)
4 or 4.5: There’s definitely a lot more to say about an album that has one of these scores, but the bad still outweighs the good, even if by a slim margin.  Albums that received these scores might have tried something unique but failed at it, and their effort can be seen, but the whole product is not worthy.  Still, there will be more highlights and good points on an album like this than one with a lower score.  (Examples: Justin Timberlake’s “Man Of The Woods“)
5 or 5.5: An album that lands one of these scores is just about average.  Whether it be that the whole project is pretty lukewarm or the good and the bad weigh out to a happy medium, an album like this is neither great nor terrible.  It lands right in the middle.  (Examples: Bebe Rexha’s “All You Fault: Pt. 2“)
6 or 6.5: An album that gets one of these scores is one I would consider decent.  It does not hit the mark of being “good” yet, but there are more good qualities on the album than bad ones, even if they win by a small margin.  There will most likely be more save-able tracks than throwaways.  (Examples: I don’t agree with it now, but I gave Katy Perry’s “Witness” a 6 at the time I wrote it, so you can check that out if you just want to get a perspective.)
7 or 7.5: An album that gets one of these scores is one I can confidently call “good”.  The majority of its production, lyrics, and delivery are pleasant to the ears, but there will still be downhills on the album.  Definitely contains more save-able tracks than throwaways.  (Examples: KIDS SEE GHOSTS’S “KIDS SEE GHOSTS“, Watsky’s “x Infinity“)
8 or 8.5: An album that earns one of these scores is a great album!  It stays consistently good, for the most part, throughout the album’s runtime and there are many replayable tracks.  There may be some downhills, but the grand majority of the project is an enjoyable experience.  (Examples: Nas’s “NASIR“, Cardi B’s “Invasion Of Privacy“)
9 or a 9.5: An album that earns one of these scores is phenomenal.  It’s quality is consistent, and there are almost no flaws.  There will be a few minor bumps in the road, but there is enough greatness in production, lyricism, and delivery to be putting most (if not all) of the tracks on repeat.  (Examples: none)
10: Much like a “5” for a song, an album that scores a 10 has to be perfect.  While others may see some errors, there has to be no flaws in the album from my eyes.  The album is on the ball when it comes to all fundamental aspects of music, and the album will almost certainly break standards and boundaries in their field.  It’s hard to come across an album like this, but a 10 should always be cherished.  (Examples: none)

That’s all the ratings!  Thank you for reading this post.  If you liked it, make sure to follow my website, Twitter, and Instagram, like this post, and be sure to check in to read my future reviews. Also, if you have a song or album you would like to see reviewed, tell me in the comments. Until then, keep listening to good music! I know I will.

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