MC’s Song Of The Week #41: “Memories On 47th St.” by Vic Mensa

Hello, I’m MusiCommentator, and for my 41st edition of Song Of The Week, I will be discussing “Memories on 47th St.” by the ever-so controversial Vic Mensa

Now, Vic Mensa isn’t the most beloved of artists. He has gotten himself into some huge controversies that have dirtied his career, and his newest 93PUNX album was a commercial and critical flop (but that’s a post for another day). Excluding “93PUNX”, I’ve been a huge fan of most of his output for the past few years, though, especially his debut album “The Autobiography”. This album is probably one of my favorites to come out of 2017, as it gave us some deep, thoughtful tracks while also displaying his endless versatility and ability to appeal to a mainstream audience. There are plenty of tracks on “The Autobiography” that I love, so I could have picked any of them to talk about this week, but I decided to discuss “Memories on 47th St.”.

This is the second track from “The Autobiography”, and while the first track (“Say I Didn’t”) acts as a preemptive celebratory track of success, “Memories On 47th St.” is a more reflective track where Vic Mensa talks about his childhood and his ambitions to make it in the industry. Vic is very descriptive about his past in this song, starting off by introducing himself as “Uhh, I am the first son of Betsy and Edward Mensah”. He goes in, then, to tell about some of the minute details of his childhood, like the street he was born on, his relationship with his father, and some of the bad things he saw on the streets. All of this detail really does add to the immersion of this song, almost making it feel like you are in Vic’s shoes. It is not just the verses that are good, though. The chorus is epic as well! The chorus of this track uses a great combination of trap drums and orchestral strings/chorals to make it feel larger than life. The lyrics of the hook, too, feel incredibly empowering, which go well with the grand feel of the instrumentals. The choral sections all throughout the track (mainly on the chorus) is another great aspect of this song. I know many people do not like Vic Mensa, but if you ever want to get into his music, I would really recommend that this be one of the first songs you check out from him.

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