The Summer of MusiCommentator! (what am I doing for the summer on this blog?)

Hello, I’m MusiCommentator, and with the entrance of June 1st, summer is finally here!  Hallelujah!  Praise Jesus!  (If you couldn’t tell, I’m a fan of summer).

With this season being here, I become a lot less busy.  I mean, I always have stuff going on in my life, but I end up having a lot more free time than I would ever have during the other three seasons.  With this extra time, I decided that I should give more time to this blog, which means you will all be getting more posts!

I will try to up my post production to 2 a week (maybe 3 for some weeks).  Each week will always contain at least 1 song/album review, but both posts of the week may end up being reviews as well.  I may also be able to create more of my thinkpieces, Top 5 lists, and whatever else I feel like posting about music.

It’s not much, but those are pretty much my plans with this blog for the summer.  I hope you will all enjoy the increased output and I hope to review a lot of good music!  Make sure to follow my website, Twitter, and Instagram, like this post, and be sure to check in to read my future content. Also, if you have something you want to see me review, tell me in the comments. Until then, keep on listening to good music! I know I will.

3 thoughts on “The Summer of MusiCommentator! (what am I doing for the summer on this blog?)

      1. Yes I was out in Arizona a couple years ago 115 degrees no real problem– but 80 and humid is and it has been a muggy miserable weather week in eastern Ohio.

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