UNDERGROUND SHOUTOUT: Angry Blackmen’s “Riot!”

Hello, I'm MusiCommentator, and I have not done an "Underground Shoutout" in a while.  I made it a new series and then did not get any more requests from artists.  Oh, well.  I have one now, so let me tell you about Angry Blackmen's song "Riot!" Angry Blackmen are a hip-hop duo hailing from Chicago … Continue reading UNDERGROUND SHOUTOUT: Angry Blackmen’s “Riot!”

(NEW SERIES!!!) UNDERGROUND SHOUTOUT: Josh Marko’s “Kitchen Hustle”

Hello, I'm MusiCommentator, and I've been a music blogger for under a year now.  I've garnered around 75 followers by the time of me writing this, and while some of my posts have gotten a couple to a few hundred views, I would not call myself famous by any means.  No, I'm not trying to … Continue reading (NEW SERIES!!!) UNDERGROUND SHOUTOUT: Josh Marko’s “Kitchen Hustle”