New Instagram Account! (@one_sentence_album_reviews)

Hello, I’m MusiCommentator, and since I do not have a song review for you guys today, I decided instead to spend a couple of minutes telling you about the new Instagram account I set up for album reviews!

Now before you get nervous that this blog is going to change or–even worse–end because of an Instagram account, do not fret. MusiCommentator is still alive and thriving! However, one thing that I have always been disappointed about with this blog is the lack of album reviews I am able to put out. With the way I write my album reviews, it takes a lot of time to make one, and I usually do not have that kind of time to write them as frequently as my song reviews. So, after sitting on this idea for a few months, I decided to make an Instagram account that specializes in reviewing albums in one sentence named (aptly) @one_sentence_album_reviews. Again, this account will not slow down my output on this blog, as I will still keep up with all the song reviews and Song Of The Week segments you all love, but if you are interested in hearing more of my views about albums, I would highly recommend following this account!

Hope you enjoyed this little update! Make sure to follow my website, Twitter, and Instagram, like this post, and be sure to check in soon for future content.  Also, if you have something you want to see me review, tell me in the comments.  Until then, keep on listening to good music! I know I will.

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