MC’s Song Of The Week #37: “SUMMER” by The Carters

Hello, I’m MusiCommentator, and for my 37th edition of Song Of The Week, I will be discussing “SUMMER” by The Carters.

This is the opening track from “EVERYTHING IS LOVE”, which is the long-awaited JAY-Z and Beyonce collab the world has wanted for years. In my opinion, the album is…decent. It is not anything mind-blowing compared to the type of music these two have made before, but I can’t say it lacks good songs. There are some mediocre ones, sure, but songs like “APESH*T”, “NICE”, and “713” are songs I made sure not to discredit when the hype for this album went down. The song I will be talking about today, though, is one of my favorites from the album, that being “SUMMER”.

“SUMMER” stands as the only traditional R&B song on this project. I was honestly surprised I did not hear more tracks like this throughout the project, considering tracks like this are basically Beyonce’s bread and butter, but this one track was good enough to make it one of the most standout tracks on the album. The crisp beat perfectly encapsulates the sexy vibe most R&B tracks like this have. The slow-moving drums, bass riffs, and occasional horns all set up the perfect atmosphere for the song, making the song sensual but also giving it a little bit of a summery vibe. Beyonce does an excellent job because, like I said before, this is her forte. She exudes sexual energy on this track that any other artist would have a hard time coming up with. Without being too explicit, it REALLY sounds like she wants to get it on. She sets up the nice backdrop of a beach to intensify the mood, and lines like “I want you to come inside right now/So you know just how I feel” are all you need to know how sensual this song gets. JAY-Z, while not being as much of a beacon of sexual energy as Beyonce is, also does a good job on his verse, taking what Beyonce gives him lyrically and expanding upon it. So, if you need a track to get you in “the mood”, this is definitely the song to do it!

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