MC’s Song Of The Week #36: “Work” by Illphonics

Hello, I’m MusiCommentator, and for my 36th edition of Song Of The Week, I will be discussing the song “Work” by Illphonics.

I was actually recommended this band by one of my fellow music reviewers, “Eclectic Music Lover, whose blog you should really check out (because he makes some great content)! Anyways, he introduced me to this band through a singles pack that the band released recently, containing the R&B flavored “Make Your Move” and this this track, “Work”.

With albums like “Supermarket” and “93PUNX” being released this year, it seems sometimes that rock-rap collaborations are impossible to perfect, but this track is a prime example of rock-rap gone right! It doesn’t rely heavily on the gimmick of playing up both sides of the genres to the point where the song becomes a novelty. Rather, it uses elements from each to create a refreshing experience. The grungy guitars woven throughout the track provide some great aggression and grit. The electronic synths and mixture of real/processed drums also gives this track a nice atmosphere, one that is perfect to work out to. The chorus adds to the aggression of this track, using chant vocals to provide intensity. Plus, the rap verses fit well in this song, using flows that emphasize the mood of the song. Like I said a few sentences before, this is a great track to work out to, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a rock-rap song with actual quality (which is rare to find nowadays).

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