MC’s Song Of The Week #30: “Welcome To The Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance

Hello, I’m MusiCommentator, and for my 30th edition of Song Of The Week, I’d like to talk about “Welcome To The Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance.

Personally, I see this song as one of the best–if not THE best–emo track of all time, which is surprising considering I have yet to delve deep into the rest of My Chemical Romance’s discography despite knowing of this song for a long time. Still, from the few tracks I have heard from My Chemical Romance (mainly their popular stuff), this is easily their best and most popular track. It’s just one of those tracks that, at this point, is ingrained in musical culture. Why is it so good, though? Well, one of the reasons I praise this song so highly is because I see it as “peak emo”, and by this I mean that every element of emo music is taken and cranked up to 1000 on here. The glorification of average teenage emotions, the excessive grandiosity and theatrics, the large and aggressive hooks: it’s all here in maximum form. The whole “grandiosity and showmanship” trope is especially present in this song, with this track containing a dramatic intro, marching band beats, and even a key change! The lyrics in this song help glorify the depressive teenage emotions. The entire narrative of a boy yearning to become a savior of “the beaten and the damned” and his father crowning him this role like a king giving a prince his birthright stands as very symbolic and fitting with the “teenage emotions” trope. This, of course, is followed by the classic “Carry on” chorus, as the boy has now taken the role and is directing the damned to march on. This track is one of epic proportions, feeling more like a stand-alone, emo ballad than a single for an album, and it stands high as a magnum opus of emo music.

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