MC’s Song Of The Week #29: “And The Feelings Good” by Sarah Vaughan

Hello, I’m MusiCommentator, and for my 29th edition of Song Of The Week, I will be discussing “And The Feelings Good” by Sarah Vaughan.

Compared to the other tracks I’ve featured on my Song Of The Week series, this is probably one of the more left-field picks, so I’ll explain how I came into contact with this song. There is a community-based app called Amino (it doesn’t seem like it now, but this WILL tie back into the song, trust me) which lets its users create and join online communities based around niche topics, ranging from broad interests like “music” and “gaming” to very specific topics like a certain TV show or musical genre. I found the app by joining a community made by one of my favorite YouTubers, CDTVProductions. I’ve made a lot of exclusive polls and blogs on that app, and I have found myself surrounded in a great community of those who share similar rap interests. What does that have to do with an old soul song, you ask? Well, impatient reader, let me tell you. One of the members in this community made a post entitled “4 Producers, 1 Sample”, where he gathered 4 people in the community to make a beat based around 1 sample, and everyone was able to vote on which beat was the best. I became interested in this and decided to join the second episode of “4 Producers, 1 Sample”. THIS song was the sample that was picked.

The first time I heard this song, I instantly loved it. I’m usually not a fan of this old type of soul/jazz music, but something about this song really clicked with me. For starters, the instrumentation on here is phenomenal. The swells of trumpets and strings play off of the smooth guitars and relaxed drums, which escalates into the huge bombast the chorus provides. Sarah Vaughan’s band really did an excellent job with the instruments. Vaughan herself also did a great job with her singing. She has a unique, deep voice that you don’t see on many female singers, which makes some of the notes hit on this song quite impressive. Being an alto singer, though, doesn’t stop her from having a wide range, which she extends to its highest peaks on the grand chorus. The lyrics on here stay fairly within the bounds of the genre she resides in, talking about her love-struck emotions surrounding music. While the lyrics are somewhat basic on here, her voice is what carries the emotion of them, making them sound a lot more emotional and passionate than they are on paper. As stated before, I am not acquainted with many songs of this genre, but this song is good enough to have struck a chord with me, which is why I recommend you all check it out.

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Also, if you want to hear the beat that I made sampling this song for the Amino competition, use this link:


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