MC’s Song Of The Week #23: “Transylvania” by Tyler, The Creator

Hello, I’m MusiCommentator, and for my 23rd edition Song Of The Week, I will be discussing “Transylvania” by Tyler, The Creator.

Tyler, The Creator has been having a great 2019, mainly based off his “IGOR” release, which I might call my favorite album of the year (so far).  However, listening to “IGOR” so much got me listening to his debut album “Goblin” a lot more than usual.  This whole album I find incredibly underrated, as its easy to just see it as a cheap, shock-value horrorcore album, but it’s a lot more than that.  It’s a first person look at teenage depression and the way it morphs your thoughts.  But, we’re not hear to talk about the whole album, we’re here to talk about one of my favorite songs from the album, “Transylvania”.

This is definitely one of the more shocking songs on the album, relying heavily on controversial lyrics to establish its themes.  I’ll admit, not everyone will like this song, but if you don’t mind offensive lyrics in your songs, this track will be a treat!  Tyler takes on the role of Dracula in this song and talks on his obsession with women.  Of course, it’s no innocent obsession.  The opening lines “G*ddamn I love women/Daydream about penis being in ’em/Meet them with a big grin with a Mac-10/Rope, katana, and then I skin ’em” show exactly what kind of song this is going to be.  What makes this song so fun for me is not the lyrics, though, it is the aggression.  The beat, made by Left Brain, combines bassy drums with an ominous synth that creates suspense which Tyler works well over.  His voice modulations mixed with his raspy vocals add to this aggression, and it all comes to a head in the loud, raucous hook.  Like I said, I know this song isn’t for everyone, but if you’re interested and don’t mind offensive songs, I would recommend you check this track out.

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