Hello, I’m MusiCommentator, and I’ve got another great edition of UNDERGROUND SHOUTOUT for you all!  Today, we’ll be looking at “Break Me” by Mityrion.

Mityrion is an alternative artist from Houston who specializes in mixing sub-genres of rock with popular hip-hop.  Her debut single “Other Side of Life” got over 100,000 impressions online, so she is no small artist.  The single we will be talking about today, though, is her new song “Break Me”.

“Break Me” is a song that combines rap with grunge to make a chill, lowkey single.  Right off the bat, you are hit with a grungy guitar loop that carries on throughout the song.  The reverb and layers put on it do a lot to make the track sound atmospheric.  It also blends well with the trap drums introduced later on in the track, making the beat sound like something a popular cloud rapper would perform over.  Mityrion herself lays down some great vocals for the track.  Her airy voice works well over the instrumentals and matches the melancholy tone of the lyrics.  Lyrically, the song is about a breakup and focuses on why the relationship didn’t work.  Her distraught emotions are brought out in the chorus: “You end up on me/You act like you’re Jesus/You be scared to breathe/If I could ask the lord/What are you doing to me?”.  Overall, I was very impressed by this track, as its unique blending of genres made for a laid-back, enjoyable breakup song.

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Song Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QogsDdzJZpo
Mityrion’s Instagram: instagram.com/mityrion
Mityrion’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/mityrionh

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