MC’s Song Of The Week #17: “PRBLMS” by 6LACK

Hello, I’m MusiCommentator, and for my seventeenth installment of Song Of The Week, I will be talking about “PRBLMS” by 6LACK.

6LACK is mainly one of those artist that I’ve only encountered in features.  He had a fantastically smooth feature on JID’s “Tiiied”, which I covered in my 2nd Song Of The Week, and he also was a good contributor on Boogie’s “Skydive II”, which is featured on an album that I am calling one of the best of the year right now.  So, recently, I decided to look into some of 6LACK’s solo material, and while I didn’t dig too deep, I found this great song that roped me in right as I heard it!

This song does not stall in setting up it’s dark, ambient atmosphere, as the heavy bass drums work well with the airy, feedback synths in the background.  This beat does a lot in setting up an atmospheric mood that 6LACK sings well over.  On this track, 6LACK addresses his shifting moods in a relationship, as his stress seems to make him want his girl sometimes and not the others.  This sounds sleazy at first, but the way he presents it puts you on his side, and even if you aren’t on his side, the moody beat can put you at ease.  Just coming out of a relationship, I can see where these emotions are coming from, as I too sometimes wondered if I was making the right move with advancing the relationship or not.  6LACK’s vocals are another point of attention on this track.  He doesn’t stick to one melody too long, showing his stylistic versatility, and the way the chorus seems to blend with the verses helps keep the themes of the song flowing smoothly.  The “Why you do that?” refrains also have some great vocal effects on them, and they help make parts of the song sound cohesive.  This is not a song I expected to like, but I’ve been listening to it a lot lately, which is why I decided to tell you all about it today.

Thank you for reading my seventeenth “Song Of The Week”!  If you liked this post, make sure to follow my website, Twitter, and Instagram, like this post, and be sure to check in soon for future content.  Also, if you have something you want to see me review, tell me in the comments.  Until then, keep on listening to good music! I know I will.

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