UNDERGROUND SHOUTOUT: Sa Les’s “Not Responding”

Hello, I’m MusiCommentator, and I’ve got another great “UNDERGROUND SHOUTOUT” for you all.  Today, I will be talking about budding R&B artist Sa Les.

So, Sa Les (pronounced “Say Less”) is a Chicago-area singer who I found through Justin Case (see his “UNDERGROUND SHOUTOUT” post by clicking here).  Sa Les just released an EP, “Don’t Trip Sa Les”, which is full of smooth jams like the J Price assisted “Are You Down”, but easily my favorite track from the project is the lead single “Not Responding”.

This track contains a low-key, easy-listening beat consisting of some wavy synths and soft trap drums.  This really sets a nice mood for Sa Les’s voice to go over.  Sa Les himself has quite an interesting voice, and it’s one that works well on this track, as his vocal inflections reflect the emotions of the lyrics, which center on a crumbling relationship.  Sa Les talks about his paranoia on this track that his girl is not being faithful.  This paranoia is something very relateable, which makes me like this song a lot more.  I really like the “you’re not responding” refrain sung throughout the song, and Sa Les’s lyrics fit around it perfectly, as most of the lines end with a lead-in to this refrain.  On some tracks, this repetition would get annoying, but it definitely is not on here!  If you’re looking for an easy-listening R&B track, I would recommend this song, and if you like this song, I would really recommend his entire “Don’t Trip Sa Les” EP.

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Song Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2ql5uuwPHo
Sa Les’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_sa.les/?hl=en


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