RIP XXXTentatcion

Hello, I’m MusiCommentator, and on June 18th, 2018, famous rapper XXXTentacion was shot and pronounced dead hours later.

I was never a HUGE fan of his music, but he did make some things I like. “17” is an album that I listen to all the time, and there are some songs from “?”, like “Changes” and “Infinity (888)”, that I frequent. Still, even if I didn’t like all his music, it is sad to see someone die like this. X had booming mainstream fame and was obviously on to some big things, but he was killed unfairly at the age of 20. Much like Lil Peep’s unfortunate death, it was quite sudden and shows how life can be gone in an instant. It’s sad how violent the rap culture has become. It’s one thing to talk about killing, but another to do it. I just hope X goes to a good afterlife and we on Earth can evaluate what this kind of violence does to our society.

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