My Music Essay

Hello, I’m MusiCommentator, and I am done with my school for the summer!  Of course, I will have to go back when fall starts, but now I have a couple of months for myself (and for my job).  I will discuss what I will be doing with this blog in the summer later this week, but for now, I will be talking about something from my English class last semester.

During the class, we had to do a research paper.  I, knowing my love for music, decided to do mine about the influence of drugs in music.  I received a good grade on it, so I thought that maybe I should post it on here.  A lot of my followers love music like me, so maybe you will like it.  I know it is a bit of a long essay, so if you do not want to read it, I understand, but if you are interested, I won’t do anything to stop you.

Now, I have not used the “document” function on WordPress before, so I’m not sure if this link will work.  If it doesn’t work, I will delete this post and that’s just that, but I will be sure that everything operates properly when I post this.  So, the link to it is below, and so I hope you enjoy it!

My Music Essay

Thank you for reading my music essay. If you liked this post, make sure to follow my website, Twitter, and Instagram, like this post, and be sure to check in to read my future content. Also, if you have something you want to see me review, tell me in the comments. Until then, keep on listening to good music! I know I will.


4 thoughts on “My Music Essay

  1. A very well-written and researched essay Carter! I’m impressed! Based on how well you and several other young British bloggers write, I’m convinced that the quality of schooling in the UK is far superior to that in a declining America.

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