Imagine Dragon’s “Thunder” Song Review

Hello, I’m MusiCommentator, and Imagine Dragons is back on the Billboard!  I’ve always been a fan of their singles, so let’s see what they’re up to now.

Imagine Dragons is an alternative rock band that hit the mainstream hard in 2012 with their hit single “Radioactive”.  Honestly, I was a big fan of this song.  When I first heard it, I was not really into music, so me liking a song was an incredible feat.  It’s raw power and gritty synths made it a unique listening experience.  Their debut album did well because of this and they have made two more since.  I do not think the second album did as well, but their latest album, “Evolve”, has been doing phenomenal, based mainly off “Believer” and this song.  Like “Radioactive”, I was a big fan of “Believer”, and I liked it for many of the same reasons.  It was catchy and had the same energy as its predecessor.  So, since this has been the other big song off “Evolve”, I was intrigued to listen to this song, “Thunder“.  This song does not even give you a second to spare before it starts the first verse.

Just a young gun with a quick fuse
I was uptight, wanna let loose
I was dreaming of bigger things
And wanna leave my own life behind

So this song is about how the artist was told what to do when they were younger and to conform to society’s standards, but they grew up to be a big artist.  I mean, it’s not the most original topic, but I will not automatically judge it for that.  There are great songs out there that have tackled stereotypical song topics and did exceptionally well at it, such as Johnny Cash’s “Hurt”, which addresses depression and substance abuse (two very talked-about topics on the sadder side of music) and Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”, which has nearly the same themes as this song.  So, maybe Imagine Dragons will say some things that break the traditional patterns of the subject matter at hand.

Not a yes sir, not a follower
Fit the box, fit the mold

Here, he’s saying that he was never the average man and refuses to conform to society’s standards.  Not breaking any stereotypes so far.

I was lightning before the thunder

Um…what?  I mean, it sounds cool, but what does that mean?  It is true that, in nature, lightning comes before thunder.  What relation does that have here, though?  I read one explanation where someone said that the lightning symbolizes Dan Reynolds, the lead singer, as a young and immature kid, and the thunder is the maturity that comes after.  For one, that makes no sense, but if it were true, then how could you explain the chorus.

Thunder, feel the thunder
Lightning then the thunder

Is he saying that now that he’s famous and will now be immature and mature?  Will he send the wrath of his youth and old age?  It doesn’t work.

Also, while we’re on the chorus, I think it would be good to talk about this song as a whole.  One of the main things I like about a lot of the famous Imagine Dragons songs is their power and energy.  This song does not really have that.  With such potent words as “Thunder” and “Lightning”, Dan does not make his voice sound any more interesting.  He just puts some harmonization and heavy drums to sound powerful.  The drums are fine, but the harmonization in this case seems lazy.  I like harmonization a lot, especially when it makes an artist sound like a whole choir or something creative like that, but it does not feel real here.

Kids were laughing in my classes
While I was scheming for the masses
Who do you think you are?
Dreaming ’bout being a big star

These lyrics are so trite.  I’ve heard all of this stuff before in songs like this.  I know at this point that Imagine Dragons is not the most creative or unique band out there (or have a lot of musical integrity), but can’t you try a little bit harder.  All of these lines are stereotypes for songs like this.  I feel like I’m reviewing that Louis Tomlinson song again.  The only difference here is that Imagine Dragons put a tiny, little, miniature bit more of thought into making a metaphor for this song.

So, after the second verse, we get another chorus.

Thunder, feel the thunder
Lightning then the thunder
Thunder, feel the thunder
Lightning then the thunder

Then a bridge.

Thunder, feel the thunder
Lightning then the thunder, thunder

And guess what the last chorus is?

Thunder, feel the thunder
Lightning then the thunder, thunder
Thunder, feel the thunder
Lightning then the thunder, thunder

Yeah, this isn’t a good song.  I could give it some points if it was energetic and powerful, but even the beat on this is so bland.  It’s a high bass with some snaps for the verses, then we get some drums on the chorus.  The delivery brings the same level of excitement as the instrumentals, and the lyrics are no spectacle.  And don’t even get me started on that annoying pitch shifted interlude between all the verses and choruses.  Chipmunk voices are no longer cool in music, Reynolds!  I could give this song props for being catchy, too, but it’s not the good kind of catchy.  It’s the “clean your ears out with bleach afterwards” kind of catchy.  I was expecting more from Imagine Dragons, but I was let down.  I’m giving this song a 1.5 out of 5.  Do you agree?

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14 thoughts on “Imagine Dragon’s “Thunder” Song Review

  1. ‘Thunder’ ended up on a lot of Worst Songs of 2017 lists. I hated it for a long time, mainly due to those stupid and annoying chipmunk-like choruses you refer to. It eventually grew on me a bit, but I still think it’s probably Imagine Dragons’ weakest single yet.

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  2. yes this is a dumb song
    but to clarify lightning thunder line means the person shines bright before they’re ever heard. Thunder is only heard and lightning is only seen beforehand and this is music so this makes sense.

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      1. Imagine Dragons songs are full of deep, meaningful things. They put lots of thought into their lyrics unlike some people (Li’l Pump *cough cough* Gucci Gang)\
        This is easy to see in the lyrics to Natural

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