Top 5 Best Trap Bangers Of All Time

Hello, I’m MusiCommentator, and I have a cold.  My nose is stuffier than a classy British stereotype, my throat is drier than the Sahara Desert, and I’m coughing more than a hospital patient.  So, yeah…fun times.

Either way, you’re not here to read about my first world gripes.  You’re here for a music review, right?  Well, I do not have one this week.  I looked at the top five selections on the Billboard Top 100, but there was nothing there I wanted to review.  I have already reviewed Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” and Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)”, and I was not planning on making a review for Despacito or Taylor Swift’s other song “…Ready For It?” any time in the future.  I could have reviewed Logic’s amazing “1-800-273-8255”, but while I thought it was a great song that deserves all the attention it is getting, I really do not feel that I could say much about.  It’s good, what else can I say?  I also did not want to review an album since I am planning on reviewing one next week (If I told you what it is now, I would have to kill you), so I did not want to do one this week.  Instead, I decided to do a Top 5 list I have been pondering about for a while now.

Before I get into the specifics of what the topic for this list will be, I will go over how I will format it.  It’s pretty simple: I will give some qualifications/rules for the list, countdown from 5-2, giving my opinions on why they should be there, list a few honorable mentions and why they did not make the list, and then give you my number one pick!  Simple enough?  Let’s get into the topic, then.

I bet some of you were turned off by the title of this post.  You may have been like “Trap Bangers?  Isn’t all trap bad?  Screw you, MusiCommentator, I thought you were one of us!”  Well, let me correct you good sir or ma’am, because not all trap rap is bad.  Trap beats, in the modern era, have been associated with mumble rap and bad YouTube rap, so some people cringe whenever they hear the word, but not all trap rap is like that.  Even if it is a song of braggadocio, a rapper can still come with witty or clever lines to make the listen an enjoyable experience.  So, I decided to give to you all a list of some great trap bangers that might change your opinion on trap.  If you like trap rap already, then these songs should be right up your alley, but if you do not, then maybe just check out a few of these songs to hear what I hear in them.


To be on this list, the song has to have a trap beat, of course.  That means it must at least have a dominant sub bass or sub bass sound and rattling/repeating hi hats.  Trap songs usually have more than just these two instruments, but those are the basics.  However, I will not just be selecting any run-of-the-mill trap beat.  It has to be a “banger”.  A banger is a song that makes you want to get “turnt up” or “crunk” in an aggressive way.  If you do not know what I am saying by this, listen to some of these songs and you may understand better.

But, this post has gone way too long without the list having been started, so let’s get into…


The List:


#5: Rambo (by Bryson Tiller)

Image result for bryson tiller trapsoul

Bryson Tiller is a prime example of modern R&B.  He skillfully walks the thin line between soul and rap, and for me, he does it quite effectively.  I have not listened to his newer album yet, but I have listened to his debut album “T R A P S O U L” more than once.  “Rambo” is, by far, the banger of the album.  Starting off with a four count piano melody, it almost immediately gets into the snare-and-bass beat.  The hi hats are placed perfectly enough to make this song fun to bounce around to.  This song is also where Tiller sounds most like a rapper on this album.  He refrains from singing most of the time to give an onslaught of bars to the listener.  He provides such lines as “Rambo, they begging for mercy, like the Lambo”, which is a reference to Kanye West’s extremely popular “Mercy”, and “This that new Pen Griffey, watch that n*gga get a home run”.

I know that some people would probably say this beat is a bit sleepy, which contradicts it being a banger, but I do not think it is.  The percussion gives it a peppiness that keeps the song flowing nicely, and the slight, airy ambience of it all makes Bryson feel more calculated and cool.  I honestly think that Tiller did a good job at making this song a banger.

#5: No Romeo No Juliet (by 50 Cent, featuring Chris Brown)

Image result for no romeo no juliet

On this song, 50 Cent teams up with Chris Brown over an amazing beat.  Gosh, this beat is definitely a banger, no question about it.  The violin loop playing throughout gives the song a sense of urgency and makes it easy to dance to.  The drums and hi hats complement each other quite nicely, as they interchange places and leave the listener with very few spaces to breathe.  The slow piano heard in the background brings the song’s energy down a little bit, but not nearly enough to make this song not danceable.  I will admit that the lyrics are a bit misogynistic.  I mean, how else do you explain a line like “Quick makin’ a stack, back makin’ some mill, I mean, get us a deal/B*tch, fix us a meal, tell me how does it feel?”.  I give no excuses to misogyny, but this is obviously a persona (at least for 50 Cent, maybe not for Chris Brown).  Still, they provide enough energetic lines to the song to make it worth listening to.

#3: Talk About It (by Dr. Dre, featuring King Mez and Justus)

Image result for compton dr dre

Sorry I couldn’t get a link for this song.  Dr Dre. kept this album pretty exclusive.

Either way, I never thought I would be putting a Dr Dre song in a trap beat list, but here we are.  It definitely deserves this spot, though, because the beat on here is legendary.  The triumphant trumpets work well with the bouncy bass and relentless percussion.  Dre did not fail to make a great trap beat.  I would also like to point out that I am a sucker for modern songs that interpolate a trumpet into a rap/pop beat, so that may be another reason why I like this so much.  Its “banger status” is undeniable, especially when the beat comes back after the hook.  If you do not at least nod your head to this song, you might be deaf.

Not only that, but the lyrics match the beat’s charisma.  It’s a brag rap song, sure, but with Dr Dre in the helm, it’s no doubt that there are some good lines.  Dr Dre comes with such lines as “Millionaire before the headphones or the speakers/I was getting money ‘fore the internet/Still got Eminem checks I ain’t opened yet” and “G*ddammit, I’m too old, I forgot I got it all”.  And let’s not forget newcomer King Mez, who comes with some even better lines than Dre, such as “F*ck Glocks, I’m all about Fort Knox, n*gga” and “Crying ’bout my old girl, funny how I left n*ggas/Trying to get my ex boxed, Red Ring of Death n*ggas”.  I do not know who this King Mez guy is, but this song makes me want to look more into him.  Overall, I feel that Dre made a confident return with this song.

#2: Blood On The Leaves (by Kanye West)

Image result for blood on the leaves

What list about beats could be complete without a mention of the producing styles of Kanye West.  I know that Kanye is a controversial person, and the album this song came from, “Yeezus”, is his most controversial album yet, but I had to put this song in here.  This beat is the definition of explosive.  At first, it hides as a soft piano ballad with a great Nina Simone sample and Kanye’s overtly autotuned voice.  However, at just over a minute, the beat kicks in, and boy is it fantastic!  This is another beat with blaring trumpets in it, so I like it a lot, and the scarce drums and hi hats spruced throughout never make the song boring to listen to.

Now, I am not oblivious to the fact that many people do not like this song.  People do not like Kanye’s use of autotune on here and the “fake deep” lyrics he portrays.  I could understand both of these points from a critical perspective.  The autotune, though, does not bother me too much, because I do not mind autotune if it is used for a stylistic purpose, and for “Yeezus”, these lyrics are pretty pretty deep.  Still, this song is so high up mainly because of the beat.  It’s just so easy to get turnt to.


Now, before I get to the number one song on this list, let me give to you my…

Honorable mentions (in no specific order):


Range Rover & Attention (by PnB Rock)

Image result for pnb rock gttm

I had a tough time deciding which song I wanted to mention, but I had to go with both.  Both “Range Rover” and “Attention” have great beats with infectious hooks.  PnB Rock’s voice in both of these is deep and authoritative, making everything he says sound true.  But, the lyrics are nothing that special, so I left them off the list.

Don’t Play (by Travis Scott, featuring Big Sean and The 1975)

Image result for travis scott don't play

I mentioned Travis Scott in my 50 Follower Special, but now I get to talk about his songs.  This is one of my favorite Travis Scott songs of all time, as its dark, melancholy beat fits well with the lyrics.  The hook, like “Range Rover” and “Attention”, is very catchy, and you can tell that Travis Scott went all out on his verse.  Big Sean did okay, too, and I am a big fan of The 1975’s intro, which sets up the atmosphere of the song.  My favorite part, though, is the instrumental interlude towards the end, which gets even darker and builds up to the beat again very well.  However, I left it off because, while I like it a lot, I do not think the beat was as good as the ones already on this list, even if it is exceptional.

The Jam (by Logic)

Image result for bobby tarantino

On this entire mixtape, Logic breaks away from his usually conscious lyrics to make some trap bangers, and this is the best one on the album.  The choppy choir in the beginning followed up by the heavy bass and grimy hi hats work so well together.  Logic also provides a fast flow and an autotuned hook that is very danceable.  It is not on the list, though, because even for being a trap track, I feel Logic could have been a bit more lyrical.


Now, it’s time to tell you all the best trap banger of all time, which is…


#1: DNA. (by Kendrick Lamar)

Image result for kendrick lamar dna

This is irrefutably one of the best trap bangers of all time.  I frankly did not think that Mike Will Made It could create such a great beat.  The assertive bass drums, claps, and rattling hi hats make for a danceable percussion, the bass gives it a gritty feel, and the background instrumentals bring it all together.  And then, the beat change comes.  Oh, the beat change.  If you have not heard it yet, just listen to this song and you’ll hear how amazing it is.

Also, unlike the other songs on this list, this song has more of a meaning.  It is an introspective look into both himself as a person and as a black man.  I cannot pick a couple lyrics and show you this since there are so many good examples of it within the song.  Plus, when the beat change comes, his flow becomes infinitely amazing.  At one point, he goes for thirty seconds without a breath, which is impressive.  Due to these factors, I believe that this song is the best trap banger of all time.

Thank you for reading my first Top 5 list.  If you enjoyed it, make sure to follow my website, Twitter, and Instagram, like this post, and be sure to check in to read my future content.  I will probably not take suggestions for Top 5 lists because to make a list like this, I would need to know a lot about a subject, and if you give me something I am not that knowledgeable in, I would not be able to do it, but I will gladly take recommendations for songs or albums you want to see reviewed.  Until then, keep on listening to good music!  I know I will.



7 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Trap Bangers Of All Time

  1. You’ve done it again MC awesome list, no better #1 I say man the beat switch is something of legend at this point, can’t wait to see this top secret review you have coming definitely excited for it…

    Keep up the great content and get well soon…

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