What Type of Music I Like (50 Follower Special)

Hello, I’m Musicommentator, and I have officially reached 50 followers!  I know it is not some kind of grand achievement, but I am proud of it.  It shows that my website has reached out to at least a few people who respect my musical opinions, which is a very cool thought.  So, as a “thank you” to all my followers, I decided to make a post where I tell you all what I look for in a song I’m reviewing or just chilling back to listen to.  This will help you all see what type of music I like and what types of songs I might prefer over others.  But, enough of this gooey, sentimental chit chat.  Let’s get started.

It is pretty obvious that a music reviewer would prefer a deep, meaningful song over a random club hit, and my thoughts are similar that way.  However, I will not like a song just because it is deep.  For example, let’s look at Joey Bada$$.  I do not think you all know who he is, so I will tell you.  Joey Bada$$ (yes, that’s how it is spelled) is a rapper from New York who has some success in the rap game due to his lyrical content being compared to those like “Tupac”.  I like Tupac, but I do not like Joey Bada$$.  It is not that I do not think he has any talent, because he plainly does, and I usually like him in the features he is in, but I was never able to get into his real music.  Why?  Well, I tried to listen to his first album, “Paper Trails”, but I became so bored about halfway through.  While the lyrics were thoughtful, all the beats and flows made each song sound too similar to the next one.  Now, let’s take a look at someone like Kendrick Lamar.  I do not think he needs any introduction, as he is a rapper from Compton who is a prominent part of mainstream music.  In his songs, I always find myself attracted by his unique beats, compelling thoughts, and unorthodox techniques at portraying his message.  Unlike Joey, Kendrick keeps his music fresh, timeless, and vibrant.  This whole comparison was made so I could say that I like music that is deep, but it has to be unique in some way.  Whether that means unique beats, flows, or even some experimentation, I like my thoughtful music to stick out from the rest of conscious rappers or singers.

However, this does not mean I do not like music without some deep-rooted, symbolic, existential message.  Sometimes, I prefer music that is not trying to slap me in the face with motifs.  Sometimes, I just like to sit back and listen to a song that does not make me think too hard.  That does not mean, though, that I do not have standards when it comes to this kind of music.  If I am going to listen to something in my free time, I still want it to be unique.  I am not going to sit down and listen to Lil Uzi Vert or The Black Eyed Peas.  It has to be something different.  An artist I find myself listening to a lot in this spectrum is Travis Scott.  Travis is a rapper and producer from Texas who is known for his inventive twists on cloud rap.  His beats are very reminiscent to the mainstream trap style, but he adds some hardcore basses and drums to make them fresh and lively.  He has a very special kind of autotune-singing that makes him the T-Pain of the common era, but when he raps, his talent is impossible to deny.  At other times, though, I do not even need an artist to be super unique.  They just need to have some talent.  A band I used to listen to a lot more (but still listen to now) is Skillet.  They are a christian rock band originating in the nineties, but their dedicated fan base keeps them afloat.  While many of their songs are not unique from the many other rock styles out there, they have talent.  John Cooper’s vocals are powerful and matches well with the instrumentals they provide.

Now that we’ve established what kinds of music I enjoy, let’s consider the many musical genres I listen to.  A majority of the time, when I want to listen to music just for fun, I find myself finding a rap artist in my phone’s music catalog.  Most of what I said above is true to my rap tastes.  Another type of music I listen to often, though, is some kinds of pop.  I’m much stricter on what kinds of pop I like.  Hedonistic clubs hits are usually not my style, so I try to find something deeper.  The tricky part is that there is a lot of pop now that pretends to be deep but really isn’t (that is what I like to call “pseudo-deep” music).  If I am going to listen to deep pop music, I want it to have some passion behind it.  A great example is Adele.  Not only is her voice spectacular, but I believe what she is singing due to the emotion behind it.

Of course, I could not forget about rock!  I do not listen to a myriad of rock artists, but I ones I do listen to, I like a lot.  When it comes to my rock taste, I am very specific.  I am not a fan of indie rock, but if you were to shove a Judas Priest song in my face, I would probably be overwhelmed.  I would say if my rock preferences were on a spectrum (from softest to hardest rock), they would land somewhere in between rock n roll and heavy metal.  However, I will give all rock a chance.

The last genre I’ll touch on is R&B/Soul.  I know I will probably offed a lot of you by saying this, but I prefer new R&B to old R&B.  I know, you can throw your computer or phone at the wall now.  It is just that I know a lot more and listen to a lot more new R&B, and since new R&B is very close to hip hop (which I like a lot), I like new R&B.  However, I am not going to pick up just any album and like it.  I like my R&B to be minimalist and dark, similar to the styles of The Weeknd or some of Johnny Rain’s songs.  However, my favorite R&B artist, Devvon Terrell, is far from these two artists stylistically, so when it comes to R&B, it really just depends on the artist (you can bet, though, that I will mostly like artists that provide that minimalist sound).

So, there you have it.  Just a little dabble into my music tastes.  I hope you enjoyed this post, and I would like to thank my followers again for supporting me since I started.  Now that I’m at 50 followers, let’s make it to 100!  If you liked this post, make sure to follow my website, Twitter, and Instagram, like this post, and be sure to check in to read my future reviews.  Also, if you have something you want me to review, tell me in the comments.  Until then keep on listening to good music!  I know I will…that is, if you think the music I mentioned above is good, because that is most likely what I will be listening to.




4 thoughts on “What Type of Music I Like (50 Follower Special)

  1. Congrats MC spectacular job on your accomplishment your posts are more than deserving of every follower you receive…

    So glad to see your well rounded with your taste levels, I didn’t expect too see R&B but all the more better I say…

    Question is there any type of sound or genre you’ll stay away from with no prior knowledge before hand, I saw you mentioned Christian Rock there was a time I’d totally pass on anything related to it as I thought it all sounded the same, I try now to at least give all sounds a chance be for generalizing you know…

    Anyway great work as always keep it up, and here’s to when you make it too 100, skies the limit 👍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations,as a new blogger I get where you are comming from,I to hope to reach this little milestone soon.BTW I am now officially follower 51.I like your taste in music,as i myself enjoy a large variety of genres.Music is just Beutifull Music no matter the “genre”.Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

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