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Hello, I’m MusiCommentator, and I know I have not posted in a while.  I apologize for this, but I am working on an album review that should be out by the end of the week, so I’m going to do this in the mean time.

So, I was going through the Reader of people I follow and found a cool thing called “The Music Shuffle Tag” (by musiclovingliv), where someone gets tagged to go into their music app, press shuffle, and give a brief blurb about the first 15 songs that come up.  While I was not tagged on this specific post, I decided to give it a try.  You may say that I’m breaking the rules by doing this without being tagged, but I live by my own rules!  So, I just pressed Shuffle on my music and let’s see which songs I get to talk about.

1. Stronger Than I Was (by Eminem)

I’m a big fan of Eminem, and this track is from the first album I bought of his.  He takes a jab at singing through most of this one, and while his vocal range is endearingly limited, it is a really emotional song that is good “breakup anthem”.  While I can’t relate to all the stuff he says, I personally enjoy this one.

2. Pull Up (by Rittz)

From a rapper I have not listened to in a while, this song is Rittz telling how he “pulled up” in the rap game while also asserting his dominance and relevance.  If you’re looking for some fast flows, this is a good song to check out.

3. Jukebox Joint (by A$AP Rocky, featuring Kanye West and Joe Fox)

The first collaboration between rappers/fashion gurus Rocky and Kanye, this song is a good one to jam to.  It’s got some pretty basic lyrics, but you can just fall into the instrumentals on this one, and I don’t like many new Kanye feature verses, but his part is not that bad on here.

4. This Corner (by Denaun)

This song is from the Southpaw Soundtrack.  The entire soundtrack is very good, and I recommend it to anyone looking for some good Eminem-influenced rap.  This song is far from the best on the soundtrack, but I was mildly surprised that Denaun was able to carry a song by himself when all I have heard him from before is his work on D12.

5. Combustible (Ces Cru)

Like Rittz, Ces Cru is (or are) another Strange Music member that I have not listened to in a while.  However, that does not mean they are bad.  The drum beat on this is really phenomenal, and both Godemis and Ubiquitous sustain great rhyme schemes throughout the song.

6. See Me Now (by Kanye West, featuring Beyoncé, Charlie Wilson, and Big Sean)

I know not all people are fans of Kanye, but I believe that “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” is an album all should listen to.  It is so unique and groundbreaking that listening to any track of it is an enjoyable experience.  This song happens to be the bonus track on this album, and it is very good.  All of the artists work well over the choral infused beat.  Definitely a song and album I would recommend to anyone.

7. Clear Blue Sky (by Skylar Grey)

The first song on this list to not be hip-hop/rap, Skylar Grey is a fantastic artist.  Her voice is illustrious and her songs show that she does not conform to any pop standards.  This song is not one of her greatest, but is has a catchy chorus and is a great listening experience for any Skylar Grey fan

8. Doubt It (by Kyle)

I talked about Kyle in my XXL 2017 Freshmen Ranked post, and if you read that, you are probably going to assume that I am going to talk highly of Kyle, and you would be right to assume that.  This song has a laid back beat and Kyle asserts his greatness in life and the rap game with his usual playful, bouncy flow.  If you have never listened to Kyle before, this would be a good song to start with.

9. If You Can’t Hang (by Sleeping With Sirens)

Before I got into rap, one of the alternative bands I listened to was Sleeping With Sirens.  This is undoubtedly their biggest hit off their “Let’s Cheers To This” album, and I would agree that it is one of the better songs off the album.  I do not listen to this band nearly as much anymore, but I can turn up my emo and jam to some of their older material every once in a blue moon.

10. La La Latch (Song Cover by Pentatonix)

It is pretty much a rule that A Capella bands are not famous in the mainstream, but Pentatonix is the exception to that rule.  I pin this partly on two of the members having a viral YouTube channel before the band formed, but I digress.  Pentatonix is a very talented A Capella band, and any song (cover) of theirs, including this one, can prove that.

11. Sing For The Moment (by Eminem)

I am glad I saw this one on my shuffle, because it is probably my third favorite Eminem song (beat out only by “Beautiful” and “Lose Yourself”)!  It tells the tale of Eminem’s influence on the media and what is does to himself and those listening to his music while flawlessly sampling the riff and chorus from Aerosmith’s “Dream On”.  Anytime I hear “Dream On”, my first thought is this song.  If you want to get into Eminem, this is one of the first songs I would urge you to check out.

12. Shadows On The Road (by Tech N9ne, featuring Krizz Kaliko)

Made by the founder of Strange Music Records, this song talks about Tech N9ne’s specific experience with seeing shadows and hallucinations while on drugs.  The dark vocals from Krizz Kaliko and the imagery conveyed by Tech N9ne make this song one of the deepers cut from Tech’s “K.O.D.” album.

13. Tally It Up, Settle The Score (by Sleeping With Sirens)

I swear, I don’t listen to these guys all the time.  However, this song is admittedly not that bad.  It is not as good as “If You Can’t Hang”, but if you are a fan of the harder, more punk days of Sleeping With Sirens, it is a strong possibility that you would like this song (and a strong possibility you have already heard it).

14. Weekly Wage (by Mac Lethal)

This guy is easily one of the most underrated rappers I know.  He has many YouTube videos of him doing rap challenges which I advise you give a look at, but this song comes from his debut album “Congratulations”.  It talks about how too many people are stuck in a loop of depression by locking themselves down in a job they do not want just to get a steady wage and encourages the listener to follow their dream instead.  It is a great message and a great song.

15. Somebody To Love (by Queen)

A perfect way to end off this list (I should thank my shuffle button for that)!  If you have not listened to this song yet, I suggest…no, I demand that you find the nearest device capable of playing music, find this song, and listen to it.  This is a purely classic love track that stands in my Top 5 of best Queen songs!

And, that’s the list!  Now you have a sample of some of my musical taste!  I mentioned earlier that the person I found out about this post from was tagged, so I will go ahead and tag a few people.  The people I tag do not have to do it, but I would like to see what they have in their musical libraries, and if you see this post and you want to do it but are not tagged, I am not stopping you from doing it.  I could not go to your home and physically stop you anyways, so do it if you want.  The people I officially tag are:


Thank you for reading my Music Shuffle Tag.  If you liked this, make sure to follow my website, Twitter, and Instagram, like this post, and be sure to check in to read my future reviews.  Again, I have an album review coming by the end of the week, so keep an eye out for that.  Also, if you have something you want to see me review, tell me in the comments. Until then, keep on listening to good music! I know I will.




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      1. From one Eminem fan to another, do you think Em could ever take the lane Jay-Z did with 4:44, while I feel his content has matured over time do you think we will ever see a purely mature release someday?

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